Sunday, September 14, 2008

Toronto Film Fest Beauties 2008: Day Nine

TIFF 2008 has wrapped up for this year! Enjoy my favourite picks from the red carpet on day nine!

My ultimate favourite beauty look! It's just so classic and sophisticated without piling a whole lot of makeup on. Jessica Collins (CSI/Law and Order) wears this look fabulously. I love how the lips are still soft and not super defined. Love it!

The eyes got me. I love Bryce Dallas Howards' overall look. You don't see colour brought all the way up to inner brow bone on a lot of celebrities - this is usually saved for runways or editorials. The shadow is soft and neutral which makes it work well with the rest of her look. She has one of the most interesting looks I've seen for TIFF's red carpet looks. Definitely a perfect look for Fall!

I just love how fresh and radiant Ellen Burstyn looks. I hope to age as gracefully!

See you next year where we'll be back dishing on TIFF's red carpet beauties!


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