Monday, September 8, 2008

Toronto Film Fest Beauties 2008: Day Four

Keira Knightley looks divine (I just wish her tiny little frame didn't make her head look so big...). Her sultry eyes in washes of brown and taupe, sculpted cheeks, and matte neutral lips are one of the hottest looks for Fall.

I didn't add this photo of Jennifer Aniston because I liked her look. Is it just me or are we getting a little tired of the girl-next-door-beach-babe look? She needs to switch up her look, do something a little more daring. I guess I was expecting her to bump it up a notch especially since there was the chance she would bump into her ex, Mr. Jolie. And what is with her come-hither pose and puckered lips? Maybe she was in mid tossle-of-the-hair, who knows but she ain't got nothin' on Angelina (yes, she's a homewrecker but she's still hot)!


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Breana (loves makeup news) said...

Wow, Keira looks stunning, but I agree with you about how Jennifer looks.