Friday, October 24, 2008

Beauty Review: Benefit Wants To Know Where's Your B-Spot?

Benefit Cosmetics always comes up with the most cheeky names and fun packaging. Where's your b-spot? Your inner wrist, behind the knee, neck-colletè, bend of the elbow? Benefit's newest fragrance, B-Spot ($42 CAD), comes with a sexy "body map" to find your b-spot pulse points. This light, fruity-floral scent is seductively girly and flirty. It's a beautiful mix of lush mango, freesia, peony, sandalwood, and amber.

I'm usually sensitive to fragrances but I really like B-Spot. It's the perfect scent for day wear or a warm sunny day. I've received many compliments which means it doesn't make others gag when I walk by or come close to them! The worst thing ever is being stuck in a confined space with someone drowning in perfume or cologne. I find the scent lasts for a few hours then fades on the skin but I do smell it on my clothes and hair at the end of the day.

My b-spot is the inner wrist, neck, and hair. I like to spray a mist in the air and walk my head into it. Sounds weird but it lasts longer! Spritz on B-Spot and let someone else find your b-spot! ;)

Have you tried Benefit B-Spot fragrance? Love it? Hate it?

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