Friday, October 24, 2008

Makeup Junkie Comments4aCure Thank You Prize: adesign Brush Set!

From October 20th - October 22nd I ran Comment4aCure where readers could leave a comment and I would donate $1 to each comment made. To say thank you to those readers that left comments I would like to give away 3 thank you prizes! Winners were randomly chosen out of a hat.

The first prize give-away goes to Arianne!

Thank you so much for your comment! You have won an adesign Mini Brush Set valued at $45 USD! I have quickly become a fan of adesign brushes and my brush set never goes without it. I have Eye 1 and Eye 5. Eye 1 has a unique tip that will expertly define your eyes. I especially love to use this in the crease for definition and to blend my shadows. Eye 5 is an angled liner brush that has the perfect firmness. It easily applies liquid and cream liners, as well as wet/dry shadows. There are many more brushes I'd like to add to my collection: all the foundation brushes and Pointed Concealer Brush. I'm sure you will love these brushes Arianne!

About adesign brushes

adesign introduces innovative makeup brushes that are bringing a new life to the world of makeup artistry. Developed after 20 years of collaborated experience in the beauty industry, adesign’s management team has created unique and high quality cosmetic tools. Every brush is crafted of the highest grade of both synthetic and natural hair fibers that will effectively pair with any cosmetic brand to achieve an outstanding make up application. adesign only uses cruelty-free natural animal hair from animals that are first used as a food source. With extensive knowledge of new advancements in the beauty industry, adesign is a leader in consumer and industry trends. With commitment to education and training, adesign is quickly becoming one of the industry’s foremost leaders in cosmetic brushes.

The Education of Shana King

Shana King, founder of adesign believes innovation and practicality are the fundamentals of cosmetic brushes. As a child in Toronto , Shana was interested in beauty and soon this interest developed into a passion. Inspired by the beauty and fashion pages of Vogue, she yearned to make this passion a career. Shana trained in Toronto as a professional makeup artist in the fashion and entertainment industry and gained a keen eye for trends and business know-how. From her experience with at some of the top beauty brand make-up counters and a regional manager of Aveda, Shana’s business savvy expertise transformed itself in to the world of professional makeup brushes. She is dedicated to design innovation and has an affinity and passion for consumer education.

To stay tuned for the winners of prize 2 and 3!

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Jen Hill said...

Congrats to Arianne and thank you so much Makeup Junkies for supporting BCA in this way!