Friday, October 3, 2008

Makeup Junkie Welcomes New Writer Megan!

Megan has loved make-up since the moment she stepped behind her Shopper’s Drug Mart cosmetic counter. From the age of 16, she began her passion doing the make-up of friends and family members for parties and special occasions. Leaving University, Megan completed her course in make-up techniques, and began perfecting her work doing weddings and boudoirs on most of her weekends.

Years later, not only has Megan begun her own make-up company in Toronto Make-Up By Megan, but she has also begun to lift off her up-and-coming cosmetic software company, Cosmetek. This new innovative software will be the answer to skin-tone matching colour products across Canada, and is currently working with one of the world’s largest cosmetic companies to get this revolutionary invention underway.

Megan continues to not only have these two companies on the side, but works for a marketing company during the day, drawing on her experiences in the real world to move her forward to success.

Fun Facts:

I’m a make-up junkie because…I want people to feel as good on the outside as they do on the inside. A little eyeshadow never hurt anyone!

Gloss Girl or Lipstick Lady?

I would definitely say gloss…I pay too much attention to the eyes to distract them with a big pair of painted lips! Not that I mind lipstick on the right person!

One Beauty product you cannot live without?

My moisturizer. How could I put make-up on top of unhappy skin?

If you could be a muse who would it be for?

It would be Kevyn Aucoin. His ability to take a person’s face and make them look like a completely different person is so much fun. I could learn and grow so much, and absolutely adore looking through his books…Is it wrong I once turned my ex-boyfriend into “Julia Roberts”?

Chocolate or sex?

Oh my…I am a chocoholic…Both at the same time? Bliss…absolute bliss!...And awkward!?

What makes you smile?

Finishing my work on a bride, being there on her special day, and as she looks in the mirror, and she smiles she tells me that she absolutely loves my work…And it is there, I am happiest. That and Nutella makes me smile..Now that I’ve gotten chocolate into my head!

Welcome Megan! Stay tuned for more from her!

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