Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Think Pink: Hilfiger Eau de Toilette

When we think "pink" girly products come to mind. But thinking pink isn't just for us fabulous women. Tommy Hilfiger's newest men's fragrance, Hilfiger ($59 USD), is also joining forces against the fight against breast cancer. Tommy Hilfiger Toiletries will make a donation of $15,000 in connection with the combined sales of the Hilfiger Eau de Toilette Cologne Spray and the Dreaming Tommy Hilfiger Eau de Parfum Spray to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Hilfiger is a clean and classic scent. The fragrance is a fresh dynamic blend of Bergamot and Mandarin, with intense notes of Patchouli, Moss and Sandalwood. I'm pretty sensitive to fragrances that are strong but I actually love this on my husband and so does he. And he's more picky than I am! He says that it's a great balance between sweet and overly musky. A scent you'll love for your classic and cool guy!



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