Thursday, November 20, 2008

Beauty Feature: Make-Up Junkie Loves Miss Oops!!

We all have those days, where nothing goes right and we find ourselves wishing we could have a quick-fix when we're on the go. That's when Jennifer Higgins, founder of Miss Oops, designed the Rescue Sponge - to remove unsightly deodorant marks and make-up stains off her little black dress! Since her first creation, Jennifer has gone to design many other products for those 'Oopsy daisy' kind of days!

I met with Jennifer while she was in Toronto a few weeks ago, and going over the products one-by-one made me realize just how easy and convenient life would be having these items around the house. Not only is the Miss Oops line an essential part of any Makeup Junkie's life, but the woman behind the name is absolutely stunning, herself. With long red hair and big bright green eyes, Jennifer's mannerisms show excitement and courage into her future. Full of personality, you can see that the inspiration to her cute little packaging and products is based upon Jennifer's own outlook on life - fun and practical!

Also, some of the products are actually grouped together in "Critical Care Kits" which makes gift-giving for Christmas, baby shower or as a wedding survival package an essential part of the occasion!

Deodorant marks on your clothes? Make-up powder on your collar? No problem, you’ve got Miss Oops Rescue Sponges. No need to wet your clothes, just briskly rub the dry sponge against the offending mark and watch it disappear. The patent-pending sponge comes two to a pack and are reusable. Safe to use on all fabrics. ($10USD)

Could builders sand furniture with your feet? If so, then Miss Oops Pedicure In a Bottle is your new best friend! Miss Oops Pedicure in a Bottle actually exfoliates, then hydrates your feet. Plus, it’s easy to use! Most exfoliating creams require you to rub the formula on your feet and then wash it off. Not Miss Oops. The exfoliating component is actually absorbed into the skin. Plus, with this non-greasy formula, you can apply it in the morning and wear your shoes without that “slippery-greasy” feeling. The combination of glycolic and salicylic acid, shea butter, peppermint, menthol, and lavender leave your feet feeling smooth and smelling pretty – just like you had a pedicure! Directions: apply twice a day until you can no longer sand furniture with your feet, then use once a day for maintenance. ($18USD)

Jaks is an absolute must for women who are not willing to give up their low-rise jeans and partake in “mom jeans.” Jaks is worn over jeans and under tops—much like a shirt extender. It appears to be a lace camisole layered underneath your shirt- but actually, Jaks is the latest fashion weapon used to cover up butt-crack and muffin tops. Bend over and sit down ladies – Jaks has you covered! ($38USD)

Is your plunging V-neck revealing a little too much at the office? No problem – reach for Miss Oops Boob Tube! Made of stretchable lace, this modern day bandeau gives you just the right amount of coverage without the added bulk of another layer. ($25USD)

Dry lips got you chapped? Here’s a unique solution: a lip balm that looks like lip gloss. Miss Oops Pucker Protector’s unique formula of moisturizing petroleum and sunscreen revive your pucker with a gloss so striking you can use it alone or over lipstick. Plus, the minty scent leaves your breath smelling fresh. Miss Oops Pucker Protector – It’s a lip balm. It’s a lip gloss. It’s both!($14USD)

Nundies, made of nylon and lycra are the perfect pantyless panty! Simply adhere Nundies to the inseam of your pants in place of wearing an uncomfortable thong or underwear. Ban panty lines and uncomfortable thongs with Nundies. Nundies, the essence of underwear, are disposable and perfect for traveling. ($15USD)

This double-sided apparel tape is perfect for women caught in the midst of a serious fashion mishap! This fabric friendly tape repairs hanging hems, closes gaping blouses, keeps peek-a-boo bra straps in place, and prevents plunging necklines from revealing too much. Miss Oops Mishap Tape is hypoallergenic and is packaged with 36 strips in two widths. So go ahead and wear that daring outfit--Miss Oops has you covered! ($6.99USD)

Popper Stoppers are used to cover belly buttons that go “pop” during pregnancy. Latex-free and medically approved, Popper Stoppers are the perfect choice to cover sensitive bellybuttons or protruding navels that can be seen through your garments. ($13.00USD)

Feeling down? Here’s something to perk you up….Chicken Cutlets by Miss Oops! These silicone breast inserts are perfect to perk your girls up and add some cleavage without going under the knife. Each pair comes in a plastic travel case. Chicken Cutlets will increase your bosom by 1 full cup size. ($28.00USD)

Miss Oops Holiday Kit is just the thing for any girl-on-the-go! Complete with the award-winning Miss Oops Rescue Sponge, travel-size lint roller, and a full set of Miss Oops Mishap Tape, these essentials will save you from any “oops” situation! ($18.00USD)

I asked Jennifer what her hopes for the future of Miss Oops would be, and she wanted to have a Miss Oops for Babies, or Miss Oops for Men. Perhaps even a Miss Oops for Pets, too! Also, her favourite product is the Miss Oops Rescue Sponge, but also admits she's bias since it's her first product!

I, personally, got to try many of the different products available, but by far I truly enjoy the Chicken Cutlets. Beats surgery! :)

Currently, you can buy Miss Oops products online or at many locations across Canada and the United States, where you can check the Miss Oops site for a store near you. At the time of our meeting, Miss Oops is planning to be available in stores like Shopper's Drug Mart, Sephora and The Bay, so let's keep our fingers crossed!


yummy411 said...

i love these concepts and can't wait to try them out.. soon!

Arianne said...

I really enjoy the names of these products. Do Chicken Cutlets actually add 1 full cup size? I'm skeptical about this. If it does, I'm going to try them!