Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beauty Review: Cargo PlantLove For Green-Friendly Lips

PlantLove, Cargo's newest line for the eco-friendly and eco-smart. A compostable lipstick case made from corn! This revolutionary bio-plastic is not only made from a renewable resource, it's also greenhouse-gas-neutral, which helps fight global warming.

Besides the innovative packaging and the growing eco-conscious celebrity fan base, the lipstick is a real treat for the lips! Sagamartha ($20USD), a brown-based red, is a rich beautiful shade perfect for autumn or those up-coming holiday parties!

My lips are very dry and when I swiped this lippie across my lips I felt a moisturizing sensation! I feel good about whipping this lipstick out with its cute pink hearts and floral design, for other girls in the public washroom to see.

Who says you can't give back to the environment and look pretty while doing it?

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ChickAdvisor said...

Those products sound great! How do they smell/taste? That's a biggie for me. Preferably no scent or taste.

Megan Pais said...

Good question! It does have a very creamy scent to it, but the taste is light, for sure. If you're particular about scent and taste, best to try it for yourself to see if it's tolerable for you!