Friday, November 14, 2008

Beauty Review: Alima Cosmetics....For That Sensitive Touch...

So, we all know that as time goes on, people seem to be more allergic to things. Peanut butter, bees, the list literally goes on. Now, as these allergies become more intense, cosmetics has followed suit in trying to adhere to this demographic. This is where companies like Alima Pure come in.

Simply containing nothing but pigment, Alima allows women to wear beautiful shimmer without the price tag of irritation. Sold at $9 USD, a pod of these beautiful little colours goes on thicker than a typical shimmer shadow.

The pigments are suitable for the Fall and give that extra sense of "I'm wearing eyeshadow, but all you'll notice is my eyes". Perfect for any eye shade. Top Row: Angora (pearl) and Cashmere (black), Bottom Row: Mohair (Fall's pretty pink) and Merino (grey-blue)

If you're an all natural mineral junkie then "be your beautiful self" with Alima Pure!

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