Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spring 2009 Beauty Trend: Pink Irreverence by Lancome

This collection is the coming together of Aaron De Mey and Lancôme. One is dedicated to magnificent and daring feminity; the other is an eclectic make-up prodigy, a master of colors, pigments and textures, who reinvents and twists the traditional codes of elegance.

Charismatic, visionary and free-spirited, Aaron De Mey is one of the most talented make-up artists of his generation.

Born in New Zealand , he quickly set up home in New York where he successfully fused a series of eclectic references. The depth of his creative universe, his contemporary and non-conformist eye and his unique talent will drive him to excel in his art form. Since then, he has worked with the greatest photographers, the most daring fashion designers, and the most prestigious magazines.


Emanating from this eclectic fusion, a rich, chic and irreverent style, where two star colors meet, reinvented by Aaron De Mey: rose pink and sparkling black, more volcanic than ever.

Ultra-modern, but ever elegant, Aaron De Mey and Lancôme share the same ideal: a woman who exudes daring feminity, truly French chic allure, inspired by timeless heroines who have marked their eras with their panache and style, and whose individuality was also inherent in their beauty routines…

The Pink Irreverence collection is cantered on a radical duo of strong colors: pure fuchsia, in homage to the emblematic rose, and sparkling black, inspired by the volcanic sands of Piha Beach in New Zealand , from where Aaron De Mey originates.

Lancome Color Design Quad in Irreverent Madame Limited Edition ($52 CDN): Love, love, love this palette! The colours are gorgeous, ultra-smooth, and long-lasting. You can create endless looks with this palette - elegant with a modern, edgy twist or feminine yet strong with a punk rock flare! The chic black compact comes complete with a mini-makeup guide for creating different looks. You'll definitely give Spring's usual delicate looks a run for its money with this palette - be irreverent in the most beautiful way!

Lancome Laque Liner in Pure Black and Piha Sparkle ($29 CDN): The Laque Liner in Pure Black is rich, wet, and intense. It adds drama to any look and lasts all throughout the day. Piha Sparkle attracts attention to the eye with its delicate sparkle and shine. On its own, it gives a soft finish but applied over the black liner gives the eye rich, eye-catching definition.

(L-R) Lancome Color Fever Gloss in Piha Black ($29 CDN): I wasn't sure how wearable this lip gloss would be but once I played around with it the black hue made more sense to me. Don't be scared of this shimmery black gloss. It goes on sheer and is designed to be a top coat. Use it over any lip product and this shiny gloss will give it some rich depth. It will make light colours darker and darker shades deeper. Be irreverant and stand out from the crowd by wearing this black gloss on its own for a unique twist!

Lancome Laque Fever in Pink My Ride and Furious Fuschia ($32 CDN): Two of my favourite glosses of the season! Pink My Ride is a light pink with a sexy shimmery finish. It the perfect compliment to this bold colour palette. You can also use it to highlight the lips in the center for a voluptuous pout. Furious Fuschia is a bold, striking pink and I love it! It has the most gorgeous shimmer. The texture is non-sticky and has a lasting finish. Laque Fever will eventually be a permanent line with the same colours but in different names.

Lancome Le Vernis in Piha Black ($20 CDN): I tend to not wear black polish on the tips because I feel like it should only be worn on Halloween. Aaron De Mey's take on the black polish is edgier with little flecks of silver glitter. The polish stayed chip-free for 10 days!

Aaron De Mey's debut collection, Pink Irreverance, is available in Canada and online at www.lancome.ca February 2009!

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Georgia said...

I'm loving this collection. The Piha Sparkle liner is so cute. And it's nice to see black nail polish back.