Monday, March 23, 2009

Beauty Review: Spa Sisters Eco-Friendly Products With A Couture Taste

Go green with an oh-so-pretty twist! Created by "Spa Sisters", Kerry Foster Roberts and Tricia Foster-Mohan, making hand-made bath products became more than gifts for friends and evolved into their very own business! Made with pure and natural, ethically handled ingredients like shea and cocoa butters, jojoba and coconut oils, and packaged in ever-so-pretty recycled packaging, it's no wonder it has become an instant hit with many! Oh, and did I mention the brand is Canadian? Makeup Junkie loves to support our Canadian brands!

Vanilla Fudge Hand & Body Lotion ($4.95 - 14 CDN): Vanilla fudge, need I say more? Wonderfully moisturizing and delightfully scented. The 60 ml bottle is small enough to carry in any handbag.

Pomegranate Berry Souffle Scrub ($12.95-20 CDN): Pomegranate berry smells as yummy as it sounds! Slather this emulsifying scrub on in the shower for rich moisture and exfoliation.

Pomegranate Berry Body Meringue ($12.95-20 CDN): Whipped to perfection, these body meringues are light and fluffy yet gives your skin extreme moisture. I found layered with the body scrub, the scent lasted well into the next day.

Pina Colada Lip Butter ($5 CDN): Since I can't really get away to an island, swiping on this pina colada flavoured Lip Butter is better than nothing! Your lips will be deliciously tasty and chapped-free!


Leann said...

I am so into eco-friendly beauty right now. I'll have to look into this, even tho I'm in the US

Cheryl Anne said...

Where can you buy this?

Cheryl Anne said...

sorry! They're an online store....I was thinking it was from a drugstore...thanks for the link!

GirlPaint said...

The body meringue looks wonderful...almost good enough to eat!