Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beauty Feature: Fall Beauty Trends With Makeup Artist Andrea Claire

I love gabbing about beauty trends with other makeup junkies and this season's looks are definitely something to talk about. I had the awesome pleasure of interviewing one of my mentors during my early years as a makeup artist, Andrea Claire, on the latest beauty trends for Fall. Find out Andrea Claire's must-do's and must-don't this season!

Makeup Junkie: What will be the top beauty trends we'll be seeing this Fall?

Andrea Claire: The smokey eye, the matte red lip, 80s revival

MJ: What are some trends women should avoid this season (if any)?

AC: 80s revival! I am the original 'LaRoux' from her Bulletproof video with pictures to prove it. :) I lived it and loved it. I wore 5+ colour shadows on my eyes but I was 15 and immersed in Duran Duran, Ultravox, Love & Rockets etc. I love the look but if you had been there done that and bought the lime green shadow you cannot do that again! Besides, it is very much a 'must have young skin' to pull it off. Bold colour blocking with eye shadows can age you and have you looking like you are stuck in a time warp. This look is only carried off if you are an adolescent so if you are 21 and under I say rock it, over 21 opt for another trend of the season.

80's revival at Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 - Style.com

What products are a must this Fall in achieving these beauty trends?

AC: I am LOVING all things Yaby these days. Yaby's eye shadow palettes have amazing pigments, blendability and variety. Lipsticks MAC Russian Red or FACEatelier's Magenta. For the smokey eye the trend is to layer a metallic - blue, violet, green or bronze, you can find these in Yaby's palettes or Covergirl's palettes in Dazzling Metallics, Firecracker or Blazing Blues.

MJ: Can you share with our Makeup Junkie readers some expert tips on achieving some of the beauty trends?

AC: Smokey Eyes - layer carbon/charcoal shadows with metallic colour. If you find shadows are difficult to blend with your dark base then layer MAC's Smolder pencil with a Lise Watier's Metallic Eye shine pencil, smudge together with a Q-Tip.

Smokey eyes at Versace Fall 2009 - Style.com

Matte Red lips
- the key to a strong lip is to apply the lip liner after the lipstick so it doesn't appear to geometric. If matte is too drying for you and you live in a cold climate then I would dot a smidge of vitamin e on top - not to add gloss but just a little moisture.

Red lips at Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2009 Couture - Style.com

What is your beauty mantra?

AC: It's so hard not to sound cliche here! lol! Be realistic. Be real. Stay gold Ponyboy. Beauty is not serious - beauty is a moment in your day that can convey confidence, flirtiness, calm. What I mean is, all women 'take 5' in their day by touching up here and there - before a meeting you step into the ladies and reapply lipstick, before a date you curl your lashes, apply gloss; or even before a job interview you matte down shine. Beauty is a moment in time that is forever changing. Embrace those little moments but don't be those moments just live in them. See! I sound cliche! HA! Life is short - enjoy it - have fun with it. That's what beauty and fashion is all about; well, to me anyway. A form of expression that can change day to day, season to season - enjoy the trends but remember to enjoy life too.

Makeup Junkie agrees - beauty is a moment in time that is always changing! So have fun with it - play with trends and figure out what works for you. Thank you to Andrea Claire for taking time to share with our readers her Fall beauty tips!

Andrea Claire is a seasoned beauty expert. She started her career in Kitchener, Ontario before relocating to Toronto in the early 90s. In Toronto, Andrea's career quickly blossomed where she went from salon stylist to session stylist. As both a hairstylist and make up artist, Andrea's passion for the industry and thirst for success motivated and challenged her to continually better herself. We have seen Andrea on Stylin' Gypsies, So Chic, Canadian Idol, tv guest appearances and behind the scenes for NY Fashion Week and Canada's Fashion Week. "Relocating" became a popular word in Andrea's vocabulary. In 2006, Andrea relocated with her family to Singapore where she became a regular team member for Bazaar, ELLE, Amica and VIP shoots as well as wrote many beauty articles with tips, tricks and trends.

Andrea Claire's Work

What's next? Andrea and her family have now relocated to Austin Texas where direct flights to LA, NY and Toronto will still allow her to jetset with her beauty box. Andrea has proudly been a mentor for many up & coming young artists, accessible and willing to give guidance; always about positive energy Andrea believes that today's assistant is tomorrow's trendsetter. Inspire and be inspired.



Jae said...

80s revival looks awesome in editorials and on models but I could never pull off pink or yellow eyeshadow!

I've never heard of yaby, time to check out the site

Make-up Junkie said...

yah looks cool on the runway and mags but for everyday a little much haha...yaby is a line created by a toronto makeup artist :)