Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beauty Feature: Oh-la-la Summer Nails

Yes, I know summer is almost over but that doesn't mean I can't gush over my top picks for summer nails. My nails were bright and sunny thanks to these hot shades from Zoya and OPI!

1. OPI South Beach Collection in Party in My Cabana: This gorgeous creamy pink is such a pretty colour on fingers and toes. Such a flirty colour it couldn't help but get compliments all the time!
2. Zoya La-Di-Da Collection in Pippa: Sunny banana yellow! Love! Rocked this on tips and toes.
3. Zoya La-Di-Da Collection in Ali: Neon pink is so me! Loved how opaque this colour was, but the finish dried almost like a matte polish. Once I swiped on a top coat it was good to go. Didn't like it so much on my toes - it lost its shine once my toes were in sand. It was also hard to get dirt off the colour.
4. OPI South Beach Collection in Conga-line-Coral: Metallic coral rose - it's like a sunset on your fingers and toes!
5. Zoya La-Di-Da Collection in Paz: I'm so a kid of the 80's because I gravitate to bright neons! Hot neon orange shade for the summer especially on tanned skin!
6. Zoya La-Di-Da Collection in America: This sophisticated bright orange red perfect for those summer cocktail events.

What shades were you rockin' this summer? Makeup Junkie wants to know!


shivani said...

Hey Joy!

You should check out "You're a Pisa Work" and "Italian Love Affair" both pretty for fingers and toes!

Mineral Foundation said...

The vibrant and fresh colors look enduring...I am running to pick mine.