Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beauty Launch: Mary Kay Cosmetics - Not Your Grandmother's Makeup Anymore!

Think you know Mary Kay? Well think again. We'll be honest - we were a little
skeptical about previewing the Fall/Winter 2009 beauty launch. Here is what Makeup Junkie writers, Donna and Mae, had to say of their experience with Mary Kay!

Having childhood memories of my mother’s pink Mary Kay train cases and the ever elusive pink Cadillac, I was not sure what Mary Kay had to offer to our generation. After previewing the new line up I was pleasantly surprised!

The lip glosses in new colours, Bronze Bliss and Fancy Nancy, go on light, sheer and is non-sticky. It also lasted through my morning coffee all the way until lunch. The Mary Kay Loose Eye Shadows in Lilac Lace, Cashmere, and Pink Organza are wonderful and highly pigmented. The really cool thing about this eye shadow is that it comes in a mascara-like package with a tapered sponge tip for application. I thought it was an interesting concept especially for those on the go. All you have to do is pull out the wand, swipe on your eyelids and blend with your fingers!

I love the cheek colour palettes. The Soft Sable blush was the perfect shade for my medium-beige skin. Silk Nectar is more suitable for ivory/beige skin tones. Both palettes come with three colours. I like being able to choose one colour or blending two or three colours together for a custom shade.

Also new to Mary Kay’s line up is the TimeWise® Replenishing Serum+C, (okay I have to admit aging is not my concern since I look ten years younger than my age). Although I cannot speak about having a younger appearance, I can say that after a few days of usage my skin does feel more resilient and revitalized after use.

Gift sets, Bella Belara in pink packaging and Belara in blue packaging, include a Fragrance Solid Compact that comes in a cute little case for traveling, a Shimmerific Body Powder to give your body that extra sparkle, and a Body Lotion which leaves your skin feeling luxurious.

Makeup artist, Diana Carreiro, shared with us her favourite Mary Kay products. She was extremely enthusiastic and made us wanting more!

One of Diana's must-haves was the Mary Kay Timewise Age-Fighting Lip Primer. Not only does she use it to prime her client's lips but to erase mistakes too! You know those little mascara-opps! we all make when applying our mascara? All you have to do is take a cotton swab, rub some primer on it and erase the mistake! The lip primer will carefully lift off the mascara without disrupting the eyeshadow below! Another fave of hers was the Mary Kay Crème Lipstick in Tanned. It is a pretty neutral color that looks great on any skin tone. It’s creamy and smooth but does not feel heavy. Mary Kay Eyesicles Eye Color is a cream to powder shadow packaged in a convenient squeeze tube. This is great for using as a base on the eyelids to give your shadow that extra "pop". It comes in Vanilla and Island Bronze.

President of Mary Kay Canada, Ray Patrick

The infamous Mary Kary Pink Cadillac! It has since been updated but nevertheless it is pink and very cute!

Mae, Heather, and Donna

After attending the preview, I have to say all my preconceived notions of Mary Kay have been dashed and put away. So much so that I'll be calling my nearest Mary Kay consultant!

Have you tried Mary Kay products? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Makeup Junkie wants to know!

For more information on Mary Kay products, their charitable foundations, or to become a Mary Kay representative visit!

by Donna Marie De Leon and Mae Amparo
Photos courtesy of Donna Marie De Leon


Erika said...

My fav products are the microderm abrasion set and the oil free make-up remover. Both of those things are MUST HAVES.

Patrice said...

I am a Mary beauty products user. Their products are great as I am satisfied with the result.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the micro-dermabrasion kit! It makes my 50yr. old face glow!

Anonymous said...

Ever the skeptic, I've been using the Timewise Replenishing Serum+C on only 1/2 my face for the past three weeks. I've had so many compliments on my skin - while they're looking at the side of my face that I've been using the new product on! Comments like, "it looks so smooth," and "it looks very soft" are very common remarks. I'm LOVING it and loving how my skin looks and feels. I'm a lifer, now.

Stephanie said...

Like everyone has and will say: the microderm abrasion set is the bomb!! I also really love the whole timewise skin care line...the lotion especially! It really keeps the moisture locked in for at least 12 hours. I'm lucky to have a consultant as a best friend!

Vanessa said...

Oh! Lovely post!! I just love make-up. Previously I was very skeptical. But after using these products I became tension free, the lip glosses are awesome. The non-stickiness gives me a very good feeling. The cheek colour palettes are incomparable. The love blush on and mascara too…..oh I just loved the blog…