Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hair 101: Healthy Hair Tips

Healthy hair doesn't just happen on its own. Like any relationship, maintaining your hair requires some effort (for some A LOT of effort). How many of you are wishing your hair would just grow? When I used to work at a salon, I used to get women all the time telling me how they were painfully trying to grow out the asymmetrical bob. Read on to see how you can get healthy hair and promote hair growth. Love your hair and your hair will love you back!

1. Lead a healthy lifestyle. I may not always eat the best foods or exercise regularly but I do make an effort! Eating good foods, staying active, and taking multi-vitamins will do wonders for your hair. When I was pregnant, I ate healthy and took multi-vitamins. When I added Calcium pills to my regime in my 3rd trimester, I noticed my hair grow at twice the speed! My hair was always so shiny and thick. My co-workers at the time used to ask me if I got my hair done. I guess it is true when they say what you put in your body counts!

2. Cut your hair every 6-8 weeks. I'm lazy when it comes to this kind of stuff but believe it or not getting regular trims will promote hair growth. Women used to groan when we would tell them to come in more regularly instead of once a year. This didn't go over to well with gals trying to grow out their already short hair. As painful as it may be, trimming your hair regularly means you'll have to get less and less cut off each time you come in. When you don't trim your hair, the breakage will continue until it reaches your root which will eventually make your hair grow slower. If you see a lot of fly-aways or short hairs at your roots, that is breakage.

3. Protect your hair at all times. The majority of us use some sort of hot styling tool everyday which is why it's especially important to protect it. If you protect your hair with a styling product first, it will burn the product off rather than your actual hair. Even if you will be wearing your hair au naturale, you still need a protector in your hair to protect from the sun and pollution. For really damaged hair, curly and frizzy or if you regularly colour your hair, I recommend Moroccanoil Treatment. This oil treatment adds protein to the hair, restoring it back to its natural healthy state. It's light-weight and absorbs quickly into the hair so your hair will never feel oily or heavy. You can use this wet or dry as a style finisher for added shine and to tame frizz. It smells amazing and you can also massage it on your nails and cuticles!

For normal hair, I like to use Schwarzkopf OSiS + Buff Styling Cream. This product is a styling cream, leave-in conditioner, and protects your hair from heat, the sun and pollution. It is light-weight enough for even the finest hair. If your hair has a slight wave and you're going for that beachy wave, apply this to your hair damp and let it air-dry. Then take pieces that are straight, and curl with a flat-iron or curling iron. The results are gorgeous!

Moroccanoil Treatment and Schwarzkopf OSiS + Buff Styling Cream are sold at most salons and beauty supply stores. In Toronto, you can purchase at Lift Beauty Boutique.

Have you tried these products? What do you think? What are your healthy hair tips? Makeup Junkie wants to know!

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