Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Beauty Review: Prescriptives “Good in Bed”

Interested in a “quickie” to fix your tired, dry or blotchy skin? Try Prescriptives Good in Bed Skin Restoring Night Moisturizer. I am pretty shocked and amazed with the results of using this night cream after only one night of testing. I noticed the next morning that my skin looked radiant and glowing and my skin tone looked even. It really did give me the “morning after” glow that it claimed it would do. This cream is very rich in texture and deeply hydrates and moisturizes your skin. This is especially great for dry skin. I also like that it is non acnegenic because my skin is prone to breakouts every now and then. I’ve been using this product already for a whole week and am very satisfied with what I see.

Although my skin is a huge fan of this product, my nose is not. There are subtle self tanners in it and you’ll notice that in the smell. I wish the scent of the DHA (found in self tanners) was masked a little better so that every time I put it on I wouldn’t have to hold my breath. I guess that would be my only complaint. Other than that, I am completely satisfied with the results. A night cream worth investing in!

Prescriptives Good in Bed retails for $65 USD/$90 CD

Available at Holt Renfrew

by Donna Marie

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Monica said...

I just want to try it for the name:) Sounds interesting & good for the colder months.