Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dr. Oz and The Price of Beauty


I love beauty but not at the price of my health. Tuesday's Dr. Oz show was about the harmful toxins and chemicals in the makeup we use - I missed the show but read the article. A real eye opener. Over the years I've become more conscious of what I put on my skin and try to avoid products that contain parabens, sulfates and petroleum to name a few. It's hard to avoid when most of the brands you love still contain these ingredients.

Question is when will the other big name cosmetic companies wake up and stop putting harmful ingredients in products that are supposed enhance our beauty? Check out the Dr. Oz article "The Price of Beauty" to read about what's good for you and what ingredients to avoid.

What's your take? Do you only use all-natural or organic cosmetics? Do you read the ingredients on the labels?

Keep following my 14 Good-For-You Lippies For Valentine's Day to read about all natural or paraben-free lip products!


Crystal said...

I read the article and it scares me a bit because I've used Vaseline on my lips my whole life! Interesting info on the mineral makeup too. I wonder how it's gonna affect the mineral makeup industry?

Ella Pretty said...

I started using more natural products last year, when I went to pick up an Olay moisturiser, and was put off by the list of ingrediants.

Since then, my motto has been - if something natural exists that can do the job as well, I'll use it.

So now pretty much all my skincare is burts bees. I do miss the lovely smells and foaming properties of other products, but I feel better knowing that I'm not adding scary chemicals in.

Still - I'm a bit disappointed with my sulfate-free shampoos - I've tried 3 types, and my hair has never been so limp! Am thinking of switching back to regular drugstore haircare, to see if I can get a volume boost.

TheShoppingGirl said...

I'm just starting to get into checking out the ingredients, and do you know what I learned? Shaving gel essentially has lighter fluid in it! I can't believe I've been using lighter fluid on my legs! I've started using Organix conditioner to shave with. LUSH is a great store with all natural products.
Love your blog!

Farah said...

I watched this and was amazed at how many things we think are harmless really arent all that harmless in the long run!

Make-up Junkie said...

@Crystal - Vaseline is such a staple for most people and has been around for a long time. But yah the petroleum makes it highly addictive and dries out ur lips.

I think the mineral makeup industry will be fine - there are lots of brands that don't use loose products. I hate loose powders anyways.

@Ella Pretty - interesting about the shampoos. I've tried a few sulfate-free brands but never experienced limpness. I'm using one from Tela Organics - pretty good and still gives me natural volume.

@TheShoppingGirl - OMG lighter fluid in shaving gel!! I had no idea! True forgot about LUSH - they have a shaving gel right? And thanks for following the blog!! :)

@FacesByFarah - I know tell me about it. As I get older I'm trying to be more conscious of the ingredients...

Naomi said...

I'd love to use all natural/organic products but they are really pricy and some of the ingredients don't agree with my skin. Also, I can never stay with one line of products as there is always something else that I want to try.
Right now I'm really enjoying Boscia's facial scrub (I forget the name) but it smells nice and doesn't irritate my skin.

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

Hmm I thought the issue with mineral makeup was only with micronized minerals? I remember the issue came up before in 2008 (

Personally I don't think its going to stop me from using mineral makeup since there's a lot worse things in our air like pollution, secondhand smoke that do more harm.

Parabens are scary though...its unfortunate that there aren't more companies trying to cut parabens out their products.

Fortunate Face said...

I am very disappointed in Dr. Oz for an incomplete report on mineral makeup. unfortunately he lumps ALL mineral makeup into one generalized category that he then labels "Dangerous" I address the actual science, and what I, as a mineral makeup formulator, do and why.