Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hope For Haiti Sponsor Profile: CoverFX!

To continue our Hope For Haiti sponsor profile today Makeup Junkie features the masters of skin correction and flawless skin CoverFX!

CoverFX: Pictured above are Lee Graff, President and Co-Creator, and Jenny Frankel, VP and Co-Creator. Lee's background as a corrective makeup specialist for patients with skin disorders and burn victims are what prompted her to start Cover FX. Well, I know many women especially with skin problems that only turn to CoverFX for flawless skin!

I had the pleasure of meeting the fantastic team at IMATS Toronto this past November. If you are a fan of CoverFX then you know about their extensive foundation line. I'll admit, I was always intimidated to buy their products because I had no idea how their colour scheme worked but after a CoverFX 101 with Wanda Longo, International Communications Director, I was set straight! 

Read about my experience and reviews of some of my favourite products here!

Thank you to the lovely team at CoverFX for donating to Hope For Haiti! 


Well, the event is just around the corner and we're tying up some minor details. We're so excited and cannot wait to meet everyone! If you have sent your confirmation to Rhia then you should have already received information about the location. Thank you for everyone's support - lets do our part! All proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross. :)

For more information on Hope For Haiti please visit our Facebook event page here

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