Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beauty Feature: Spring Forward!

The transition from winter to spring can be a bumpy flaky ride. Got skin? Then you'll want to know these skin-loving products. Sure, there are tons of pretty makeup out there but if your skin doesn't look good then nothing will. Spring forward and look healthy and radiant!

1. SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser ($60 USD): If you have normal to moderately dry skin then you'll love the velvety texture of this cleanser. My skin always feels hydrated after. The magic ingredient is Pitera, a combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and organic acids that work together to restore the appearance of your skin while helping the skin rejuvenate on its own. I don't mind splurging on skin care but if the price is too steep try Burt's Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream.

2. Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner ($43 CDN): I love using this after I cleanse the skin. My face always feels refreshed - great to use throughout the day when your skin needs a pick-me-up. Use this before you apply your moisturizer. It not only tones and smooths the skin, but allows your moisturizer to really soak in.

3. Rodial Glamtox Eye Light SPF 15 ($143.94 CDN): I know, the price is ridiculous! But I've fallen in love with this eye cream and I just might...I received the travel size and now I think I'll have to ration it! I rarely ever do reviews on eye creams but this one really works for me! Rodial is your all-natural approach to plastic surgery. Their magic ingredient is Pomegranate Ellagic Tanin that boosts collagen production and restores youthfulness. It really hydrates my eyes and my fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness are less noticeable. I just love the radiant finish.

4. Rodial Glamtox SPF 18 ($156.50 CDN): I like to apply my moisturizer after my eye cream so it can help lock in the moisture. It's safe enough for around the eyes. I'm really sad my travel size has run out. When the hubby and friends think you're wearing makeup when you're really not is proof enough for me that this skin cream is fabulous! It really brightens and plumps up the skin. I've fallen in love with it but we may have to put our relationship on hold. When money is no object, maybe but would you spend that much on a skin cream??

5. Rodial Glam Balm ($100 CDN): Thank god I still have quite a bit left in my travel size pot! This is a multi-purpose anti-aging plumping treatment for your face, lips, neck and hands. My lips don't have a problem with fullness, but I love using this as a finishing touch around the eyes. Also great on the cuticles and as an intensive night treatment for the eyes. Dot a bit on the high planes of the cheeks and you have an instant highlight!

6. Cover FX Brightening Foundation Primer and Photo-Aging Defense SPF 50 ($45 USD): My makeup doesn't hold up so well if I don't use a primer. Primers these days do more than keep your makeup on. All Cover FX primers have anti-aging benefits and improve problematic skin. I love the Brightening primer for those days when my skin looks tired and needs a perk-me-up. I find for drier skin it does a good job at hydrating. The texture goes on a little liquidy but smooths easily onto the skin. Your left with a luminous, radiant finish. The "blur" affect minimizes my imperfections and fine lines and best of all keeps my makeup looking good all day!

7. Korres Face Primer ($28 USD): If you have sensitive skin and have an allergy to silicone, then you will love Korres 99% natural silicone-free primer. My initial thought was that it wouldn't hold up as well as a primer with silicone but this one is awesome! I am in love with it! It contains Vitamin E so over time you'll notice an improved appearance in your skin. My skin always looks smooth and also has a brightening effect. It feels nice and light on the skin and glides on like a moisturizer. Your makeup at night will look as fresh as it did in the morning! 

8. Tarte Smooth Operator SPF 20 ($36 USD): When the weather gets warmer I love to switch my foundation to a tinted moisturizer with an SPF. Some tinted moisturizers don't give enough coverage but not Tarte's version. I still get optimal coverage without a heavy feeling. This all-natural tint has micro-treated mineral pigments that help diffuse fine lines and wrinkles. My skin looks luminous without looking oily, important as the weather warms up. The line has been relaunched with a new look and darker shades! I find the new tube is less messy. I'm using Agent 14, for medium complexions with yellow undertones, but I get dark in the summer so I'll have to try Agent 16, for medium dark complexions with golden undertones. 

9. Tarte Provocateur Mineral Pressed Powder SPF 8 ($30 USD): I love this mineral powder because it doesn't look like you're wearing powder. During spring and summer, skin should look fresh and not caked on with powder. It applies silky smooth and is the perfect compliment to the Smooth Operator. Your makeup is perfectly set and you still get a pretty glow. It comes packaged in a super cute in a royal purple quilted compact. I prefer using a brush but the sponge is good for quick touch-ups. The line has also added 2 new darker shades! I'm a Honey 12, for medium to dark complexions with golden undertones. 

10. Korres Lip Butter in Guava ($13 CDN): Finish off healthy skin with an all-natural lip moisturizer. When I tried Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose, I fell in love. I decided I wanted this on my lips at all times but needed a clear one. I picked up Guava and I can't get enough! Yes, you have to dip your finger in the pot but I don't mind especially when my lips feel buttery smooth. A little goes a long way and I rarely have to reapply throughout the day (but I do anyways). The scent is also nice and light. You can also wear these on the cheeks for a dewy stain, but Guava works better as a highlighter on the cheekbones. I want the entire line - 2 down 5 to go! 

What products are apart of your skin care regime? Have you tried these products? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Want 'em?


Michelle ( said...

I'm really interested in that Korres primer now! Good to know it works as well as non-silicone ones... I actually tweeted today about wanting to re-visit primers again, but have always been really nervous that slicking on silicone will make me break out. Going to look for this!

PS isn't the Lip Butter AMAZING? I love it so much. Will have to try as a stain/highlighter!

Make-up Junkie said...

Michelle, your skin will love it! Let me know if you do try it out and YES I LOVE the lip butters! I thought they would feel sticky on the cheeks but dried to a nice stain without the tackiness!

Arianne said...

Waahhh so many girls reviewing such great products! I want to try the Korres primer as I've been using mine more lately. Weird that even though it's an extra step, it actually cuts down my makeup routine because my foundation just glides over my skin.

Tarte Smooth Operator is also on my list for the summer.

Make-up Junkie said...

@Arianne - you're hilarious! I was sent the travel size of the Korres primer but loved it so much I went to Sephora to pick up the regular size. The sales girl there said she loves it and it flies off the shelves!

It is an extra step but you do cut down on the overall makeup process plus you end up saving product because you don't need to use that much with a primer. And you will love Tarte Smooth Operator. Let me know if you get either!

MakeupByDonnaMarie said...

I love love love the Korres primer! My fave by far! I'm actually disappointed in the Cover FX one. It's the same one I got at the Hope for Haiti bag. For some reason mine comes out grainy. I'm not sure why. Seems like one of the ingredients crystalized or something. But I hate putting it on so I've stopped using it. :(

Make-up Junkie said...

@MakeupByDonnaMarie - Ya after reading your review I had to have it! lol That's too bad about the Cover FX primer - which one is it? Maybe it was a bad one? I have no problems with the Brite FX and Christine loves the one for oily skin.

MakeupByDonnaMarie said...

Yeah I love Korres! I really do like the CoverFX one but I just hate the grainy feel. I've been putting it on with a brush but I twittered CoverFX and she said it had something to do with it having Vitamin C and I just have to rub it in and it would dissolve. So I'm gonna try with my fingers and give it another shot! The one I have is Brightening Foundation Primer. Wish me luck!