Thursday, June 24, 2010

Guest Review: Clinique Brandied Bronze Colour Surge Eye Shadow Palette

I’m a sucker for any palette with bright and unique colors in them. Clinique Brandied Bronze Colour Surge Eye Shadow Palette ($32.50 CDN) has gorgeous colors in it ranging from a deep bronze to soft baby pink.

Clinique Brandied Bronze Colour Surge Eye Shadow Palette:

“Clinique creates a new tradition in eye shadow for powder connoisseurs who want stay true, long lasting colour, with an emphasis on gorgeous texture. Colour Surge Eye Shadow offers six complementary multi-coloured eye shadow shades that can be mixed and matched or worn alone. Get swept away by a palette of superb shades in new Super Shimmer finishes.”

Palette under natural light

Palette with flash

The pros about this palette:
The first thing I noticed about the palette was that the shadows are very soft, no glitter & very little fall out. Also since this is a warm palette the colors went together well.Even a beginner would be able to create an effortless look complete with highlight, base & contour.
The cons about this palette:
It was very difficult to test some colors on my skin tone. The turquoise had to be swatched twice to get a color similar to the ones I did on the first swatch. One tip I know to get more color is to foil the shadows by wetting them. It probably would have done the trick but I would have risked damaging the shadows.

Natural light swatches no base

 Swatches with flash no base

The colors are very sheer. On camera these colors also show up almost non-existent. I would recommend that you wear them with a cream shadow or a matte shadow underneath. It would give the shadows something to stick too.
Personally this palette didn’t live up to my expectations. However I would recommend it for my light to medium toned girl because the colors will show up more vibrant.

Have you tried this palette? Love it? Hate it? Want it?

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Jenn said...

Aww no prob joy <3

Lipstick Rules said...

I've been curious about this palette! Jenn is fab! And so are you Joy!


Mz. More said...

Great review Jenn. I'll stay far away from this palette as I can see the colors wouldn't work for me either. Not pigmented enough.

Make-up Junkie said...

@Lipstick Rules - aww shucks - right back at 'cha!