Sunday, June 13, 2010

Guest Review: L'Oreal Paris Studio Line Indestructible Volumizing Mousse

The texture of my hair has changed dramatically over the years from pin straight to curly curls... It has settled at this point at an in between wave which I'm ok with. Every now and then I like to avoid styling tools and like to give my already damaged hair a rest by using mousse and leaving it wavy. I have probably tried over 20 different mousses over the last few years all promising me this or that in order to get the perfect wave or curl, some have lived up to my expectations and some sadly have not. This is one of those that did not.

I tested this product out for a few weeks giving it many chances because I really wanted to like it, honestly I did enjoy some aspects of this mousse but just didn't feel it gave me any volume what so ever. Maybe my hair is too long or too heavy for it to really do its job I'm not sure, however I feel like it may work well for medium to short haired ladies.

The pros would definitely be the spout that is super easy to use. I also enjoyed the smell and the fact that it didn't leave my hair feeling crunchy at all. The cons I would have to say for me the lack of volume and definition of the curls/waves.

The product claims to also have Bounce Back Technology that allows hair to return to its styled shape even after the daily stresses on hair. During the day I hate my hair in my face so I clip it back, when I removed the clip the style was ruined or altered and the bounce back I had hoped for never happened.

Overall, although I don't think I will be rushing to the store anytime soon to purchase this mousse, I think it could work wonderfully for those gals with shorter hair. I liked the barely there feeling of product on my hair but it just didn't do much for me in the way of volume or styling.

L'Oreal Studio Line Indestructible Volumizing Mousse is available in drugstores all across Canada and the United States.

What do you think of this product? Love it? Hate it? Want it?

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