Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mommy Corner: Dotmine Day Planners Are PTPA Approved!

I'll be the first to admit that my organizational skills are somewhat lacking which explains my sporadic blog posts. Back in the day I used to have several journals, agendas, note pads all in different styles to keep track of my life and just because I loved pretty journals. Then technology took over my life and my pretty journals slowly disappeared. As much as I rely on email and electronic calendars, nothing beats writing down a to-do list and checking it off.

I recently received a Dotmine Day Planner and it's fantastic. You can choose from a variety of chic designs that suit your lifestyle. I chose the Life.Time.Mine in Tiffany blue. I love pretty and clever packaging and this planner delivers on both. The outside cover is leather and is bound with an elastic ribbon to keep your agenda in tact. It has everything you need to keep your personal, professional, and family life organized. My favourite feature is that it goes up to 17 months rather than the usual 12 month planner. For $19 USD, the extra 5 months makes it all worth it.

My planner doesn't start until September but I already feel my life coming together! Wedding season can get crazy with multiple appointments sometimes on the same day and with TIFF around the corner I'll need all the help I can get staying on track! The pages allow for enough room so I can write down all the info I need for that specific appointment. Now that my son is starting Kindergarten this September I'll be able to stay on top  of all his fun school activities! A minor downside is the size. It offers a lot of writing space but is not convenient to carry around if you use a smaller bag. It'll fit perfectly into a cute tote though!

To view more PTPA Media Fall Campaign Winners, click here. Do you have this agenda? Love it? Hate it? Want it?

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jen laceda said...

I need a planner to keep track of my kids' life - doc appointments, parties, classes...I like the look of this one!

Make-up Junkie said...

@jen - Hey! These agendas are so handy and you can choose from a couple styles to suit your needs. I love all the different designs too.