Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beauty Review: Benefit Cosmetics Crescent Row:The Second Story

Benefit Cosmetics is one of the few brands that make me squeal with delight! If you're a sucker for cute packaging then your beauty stash is probably brimming with Benefit products. The Crescent Row perfume collection is one of a kind and in my books a collector's item. From box to bottle, everything about it is charming. When the box is opened, it's like walking into each "girl's" pretty little world.

Lookin' To Rock Rita: This is one of my favourites out of the new collection. Rita is described as "fruity green - exhilarating and stylish". My senses tend to swoon over deeper, exotic scents. This one is perfect for the summer season. The fruity vanilla scent still smells exotic but lighter and fresher. My mom has become completely smitten with it and has swiped it from me. Guess I will have to buy one - or swipe it back!

Top notes: lemon, coconut, freesia
Middle notes: juicy fig, hyacinth, violet
Bottom notes: sandalwood, brazilian rosewood, vanilla

So Hooked On Carmella: Described as "floral vanilla - exquisitely feminine", Carmella is my other favourite. It isn't pretty feminine - more sultry feminine. This is one scent that will be keeping me warm throughout the colder months. Sorry mom, can't have this one! 

Top notes: lemon, grapefruit, rhubarb
Middle notes: cyclamen, peony, tiare flower
Bottom notes: vanilla, sandalwood, amber

Garden of Good and Eva: If you prefer a cleaner, lighter scent then you will love Eva. It is a citrus floral that smells clean and fresh. Although it's not a scent I would buy, the smell is pleasant. I think with my body chemistry, warmer vanilla-based scents smell better on me.

Top notes: pear, watermelon, ozone accords, muguet
Middle notes: rosebud, jasmine petals, green violet leaves, freesia
Bottom notes: sandalwood, musk, cedarwood

I definitely recommend the Crescent Row collection. Not only do they smell divine and look pretty sitting on your vanity, the packaging makes it a perfect gift! 

Crescent Row fragrances retail for $36 USD and are available all across North America. Have you tried these lovelies? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Want 'em?

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Ella Pretty said...

I'm going to have to smell these the next time I go shopping.

I'm smitten with Benefit's Maybe Baby - so hopefully I'll like these as well. I'm looking for a sweet smelling perfume...I think Rita and Eva sound promising...Rita because I like lemon and coconut, and Eva because it has Rose and Jasmine.

Miss Krimson said...

these perfumes are great. I like how they are simple and not pricy at all.

Make-up Junkie said...

@Ella Pretty - I used to love Maybe Baby too! I've never been disappointed by any of Benefit's fragrances. My last fave was B-spot. The Crescent Row collection is by far my fave though!

@Miss Krimson - for what you get beautiful packaging and beautiful scents the price is really worth it.