Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beauty Review: Your Eyes Are Covered With CoverFX EyePrep FX!

The eyes reveal everything. They aren't just the windows to your soul. Your eyes reveal how late you were up the night before and whether it's time for some Botox. And when it comes to your makeup, it's a daily struggle figuring out how to make your morning eyeshadow look as fabulous at the end of the day.

All your eye woes have been answered! A few months ago I attended the blogger launch of CoverFX's newest star, EyePrep FX. Like its other face primers, this eye primer is a hit! This multi-tasking eye primer not only preps your skin for foundation, concealer, and eye shadow but it is also an eye cream that has anti-aging properties and is free of parabens. Those with oily lids will especially love the fact that it is silicone-free so your shadow won't budge all day. Use day and night as your eye cream and if you want to reap all the anti-aging benefits, don't layer with your traditional eye cream.

Top: Without EyePrep FX
Bottom: With EyePrep FX

Ever since I received this, I've been using it on myself and all my brides. I love that it cuts the amount of product I have to use. My bride is getting the nourishment of an eye cream all the while keeping her shadow smear/tear proof. As you can see from the swatch, the primer really enhances the pigment of the shadow making it more vibrant and rich and this shadow on its own is pretty pigmented. Once the primer is on the lid, the shadow just glides on and stays put all day.

For an eye cream/primer that does it all, paying $43 CAD doesn't seem so bad especially compared to department store eye creams. On a job, one of the makeup artists asked the model, who happens to be a skin specialist at Murale, what eye cream she recommends. Thinking she would suggest a really expensive brand, she pulled out a sample size of CoverFx EyePrep from her purse. I almost squealed and we blabbered about how much we love it! 

As for the pump feature, I find a lot of beauty brands are going this route. If you're not careful, it can sometimes dispense too much product. The trick is to pump it using small, quick pumps. This way you don't end up having to waste a glob of product. 

Have you tried CoverFX EyePrep FX? Well you should - your eyes will thank you!


o.O*Mandy*O.o said...

I'm curious. Is this eye primer better than Urban Decay eye primer?!

Anonymous said...

XD I've been waiting for more reviews on this~ So thanks for the post on it!
Ive been intrigued because of its multifunction. Who doesn't love when products cut back on the time we spend on our routine :)

Naomi said...

Thanks for the review Joy. I've been wondering about it and how well it holds up. I found it odd that there was no silicone in it. I'm so adding this to my list of things to pick up at IMATS.

Arianne said...

Hmm I must have really oily eyelids because this doesn't keep my eye shadows in place! :( I need something more potent.

CreativelyConfused said...

I've always thought I was the only weirdo who tested out make-up on my arms and legs with and without different things before making a decision on the quaility of a product. I must not be a weirdo!

Shaylee Anne said...

Thanks for the review! I just got the CoverFX Clear Prep and love it so its great to see they have other awesome products too!


Make-up Junkie said...

@oMandy - I do love UD's primer and I think in terms of keeping the shadow on I think both work equally well. But the CoverFX one is also an eye cream and can be used underneath your under eye concealer.

@rasilla - I love it and hopefully it will work for you! I know a lot of other makeup artists that swear by it!

@Naomi - a lot of natural brands don't use silicone in their primers like Korres and it still keeps your makeup on. The Smashbox primer has silicone and works really well for drier skin but on oily the skin gets too shiny.

@Arianne - that sucks! I don't have oily lids but I used it on one of my brides that does and she said her eye shadow lasted all day. However, I do layer a lot of products underneath the powder shadows so that could have something to do with it.

@CreativelyConfused - nope you're in good company! I think a lot of readers appreciate when blogs do swatches that way you can see the actual shade before buying.

@Shaylee Anne - Clear prep is awesome! CoverFx has a lot of awesome products!