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Makeup Artist Corner: Kit Essentials

IMATS Toronto is on the lips of every makeup professional and beauty lover right now. It is the one place to try new products from a myriad of brands and it's full of great deals to help take some of the sting out of (re)stocking your kit. I thought it would be fitting to feature some new favourite kit essentials I received over the summertime.

OCC Lip Tar in Memento ($12.50 USD): Makeup Junkie has featured these highly pigmented lip glosses before and gave these lovelies rave reviews! You can be sure OCC will be at IMATS Toronto this weekend so stop by and see their new shades and new vegan brushes. I received Memento back in the summer and it has become a bridal favourite. 

Memento is a beautiful pink with plum undertones and was created by celebrity makeup artist, Victoria Stiles. The full colour and long-lasting finish make this an essential for an all day event like a wedding. When you first apply it, the texture is like a creamy gloss but then dries to almost a stain. It's not as drying as a matte lipstick but after a while it can dry out lips and enhance fine lines. It looks fabulous with a shimmery or clear gloss over top and takes away that dry feeling. If you don't want a shiny finish, dab a non-glossy lip balm onto the lips. Oh, and I can't stress enough that a LITTLE, literally a tiny dab, goes a long way! 

This is a makeup artist kit essential for the above reasons and because you can mix and customize the shades to your needs. The small, squeeze tube packaging doesn't take up a lot of space and is easy to transport. To read a full review, click here.

Japonesque Precision Lash Curler ($12 USD): Besides good skincare, having the right tools is at the top of my beauty essential list. With the exception of lashes that are naturally curly, I can't believe how many women out there DON'T use an eyelash curler. 

I carry 2 lash curlers in my kit - my trusted Shu Uemura for the whole eye and a smaller one from Japonesque. I used to have a precision lash curler from Sephora but the pad was always falling out. Thanks to the non-slip silicone pad from Japonesque I don't have that problem anymore! I love using a smaller one to accentuate certain areas of the lash like on the outer for a flirty effect or in the center to make the eyes pop. All your lash needs is one single squeeze to get lift and curl. Small curlers are also handy for getting at the harder to reach lashes. The curler is made out of a durable plastic that is light-weight and doesn't bog down your kit.

Japonesque Pro Set Bag ($29.95 USD): I received this bag back in September just in time for TIFF. I ended up using the bag but only for transporting my brushes. I didn't do many touch-ups on set so I didn't really get to test out it's full potential. 

This set bag has so many great qualities. Here is what I loved about the bag: 
  • The bag has a large middle zippered compartment for storing your big items. It also has two side pockets on the inside for smaller items and on the outside multiple pockets for storing brushes and items that you need easy access to. 
  • This is a great bag to transport your hair tools and products. I found the big compartment to be useful for my hair dryer, straightener, curler and styling products. I liked the outside compartments for holding hair brushes and smaller styling products because there is an elastic band that holds it in place. The size is also great if you're doing a smaller job - it can hold plenty of makeup palettes and maybe one hot tool and some hair products. 
  • The bag is easy to transport with carrying handles and a longer strap that is detachable.
What I didn't love: 
  • I got to test it out on-set back in October when I worked with CARGO on The Shopping Channel. The bag was great for transporting products for touch-ups on set. However, once on-set the bag wasn't very useful. It would be better if the bag is clear so you can see exactly where each product is quickly and easily. I ended up having to take all the products out so I could access them quicker. The size of the bag also felt too bulky to wear while doing touch-ups.
All in all, the bag is wonderful if you need to transport your items for a smaller job or to use in addition with your bigger makeup kit. 

What are your kit or makeup bag essentials? Have you tried any of these products? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Want 'em? 

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