Friday, April 29, 2011

Dutchess Kate Is A DIY'er And Apparently Is A Pro!

Kate Middleton toned down her Royal status by doing her own makeup today and I must say she was absolutely glowing! Check out my thoughts on her DIY bridal look and the look I created on a face chart for my bride-to-be tomorrow on my sister site, The Joy of Makeup - she will definitely be getting the royal treatment!

Click here to read the post. Congratulations to the Royal couple!


Janalyn said...

I was only able to catch a few minutes of their wedding, but she looked gorgeous! and that dress was stunning! I cant believe she did her own makeup!! Thats amazing!! I give her mad props!

melhores marcas de maquiagens said...

She is very beautiful, i just dont like heir history.

Fashionism said...

Kate was such a stunning bride! A natural beauty – she’s an inspiration for young girls all over the world. From looking at the face chart posted on your other site, your bride will be equally as gorgeous!!