Thursday, June 9, 2011

How To Beat The Bed Rest Blues: Makeup Part 1

Many of you may think I'm ridiculous for even bothering to wear makeup while I'm in the hospital, but to prevent myself from getting deeply depressed, putting on makeup puts me in a good mood. Plus, it forces me to have some sort of routine and purpose for getting up in the morning. Many nurses have asked me if I was being discharged because I'm wearing makeup and wearing normal clothes and when I get wheeled to my ultra sounds, I get a few stares because I'm not wearing the typical hospital garb. One of my favourite nurses, Esther, told me that oddly enough pregnancy looks good on me - I'll take it! Guess I should be pregnant all the time! ha!

Now, don't go thinking I'm wearing a full face of makeup. I'm wearing enough to make me look polished and playing on that "pregnancy glow". Check out which products have been keeping this face in check!

1. Nanoblur ($19 CAD): I've had this product for a while and haven't really had much chance to test it out. I decided I'd use Nanoblur because it could blur out any imperfections that my minimal makeup wouldn't cover up. If you don't know the genius of Nanoblur you'll want to know it. It's not a skincare product but a quick fix for when you need to look 10 years younger in a matter of seconds. It blurs fine lines, wrinkles, redness, minimizes pores and even mattifies the skin making it appear more even and less shiny. It works really well as a primer too. In seconds, I can really notice a difference in the texture and appearance of my skin. I don't have very big pores, but around my t-zone area they are more prominent. As soon as I apply this stuff, it instantly smooths out. The texture applies thick and is more suited for drier or mature skin types but I'm sure would work well on oily skin too in smaller amounts especially since it mattifies. I do find that you have to work it into the skin fast because it absorbs quite quickly. You also have to let it set for a few minutes or else your foundation or concealer won't blend nicely. Great thing is that you can apply when you're on the run over your makeup for a mid-day perk-me-up. It's a great quick fix at such an affordable price!

2. Cover FX SkinTint FX SPF 30 in M Light ($39 CAD): Just because I'm not getting any sun doesn't mean I can't fake it. As mentioned in a previous post, SkinTint FX has been my go to TM. Packing this one for the hospital was an obvious choice for me. It gives me a sun-kissed, radiant glow while giving me some coverage. I don't want to look like I'm made up and SkinTint looks so close to my natural skin. If you're not in the loop, Cover FX wants you to help them spread the word about skin cancer! For the month of June, with every new "Like" on their FB page, they will donate $0.25 to skin cancer research: David Cornfield Melanoma Fund Fund in Canada, The Skin Cancer Foundation in the US and SKCIN, The Karen Clifford Skin Cancer Charity in the UK.

3. Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener ($18 USD): This one is an oldie but a goodie! I've been using Photo Op for years to brighten under my eyes (read past post here). If you don't suffer from severe dark circles, you can get away with using this as your normal concealer. But for someone that does need more coverage, this helps brightens the under eyes under your concealer. Instead of taking a full coverage concealer with me, I only packed Photo Op because again I didn't want to look too done up. This brightens and gives a luminous effect and if I apply a few layers it covers up the darkness alright. I've also been using it to highlight the inner corners of my eyes, my brow bones and my cheekbones!

4. Urban Decay Naked Palette ($58 CAD): This has to be my HG of neutral palettes! I've been dieing to get my hands on this ever since its launch and every time I went to a Sephora it was sold out. One of my BFF's was doing a little makeup shopping at her local Shoppers and asked me about Urban Decay. Seeing how she's in the Durham region, I was surprised to know that this location carried UD products. I immediately asked if the Naked palette was in stock and to my surprise it was! She snatched it up for me and now we are forever buds. There are a ton of reviews and swatches out there so I'm sure you know what all 12 shades look like. I love the mix of shimmery, matte and satin tones making it an ideal palette for everyday, bridal and for more dramatic looks. I've used it on a lot of my clients and this is one palette I use on myself whenever I go out. I don't use it everyday at the hospital but when I know a visitor is coming I'll emphasize my eyes a little. The shadows I use the most are: Buck (matte brown), Half Baked (bronze), Smog (golden brown shimmer), Dark Horse (bronze-plum shimmer) and Hustle (mocha shimmer). 

5. Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes Mascara ($34 CAD): There hasn't been a Lancome mascara that I've been disappointed with. If you love the lengthening effect of the Hypnose line, you will love the feathery, voluminous finish of the new Doll Lashes mascara (unscented version for Canada). Here's what I love: 
  • gorgeous, feathery, and voluminous
  • the conical brush allows you to get at every lash and at the root
  • love the subtle sheen and the shade is a deep, dark black
  • gives a very dramatic lash with a few swipes
  • lashes feel very soft to the touch
What I didn't love: 
  • I found the handle of the brush a little big and awkward to hold
  • didn't give my lashes as much lift as compared to other brands I've tried. The length was just ok for me. 
  • the softness of the lash didn't hold the lift and caused my lashes to droop later on in the day
  • I prefer water-proof versions. This one was the regular mascara and did smudge on my bottom lash line.
I'm curious to try the water-proof version (if one is released) and see if the lift, hold, and smearing is better. But I really do love the "doll-like" effect it gives. I received the one that is rose scented and actually don't mind it but I think most will appreciate the non-scented version. This mascara will be available mid-August. 
Have you tried any of these products? Stay tuned for part 2 of my makeup must-haves!

Products were sent for editorial consideration (with the exception of the UD Naked Palette) and I truly love them!


Christina said...

Good for you for keeping up a routine. It can definitely be boring doing nothing all day...Love the Naked palette too. Pretty much one of the best palettes of the year


Make-up Junkie said...

Hi Christina! I agree best palette of the year and probably one of my favourites of all time!

bagaela said...

I'm so stunned by You, when I was in hospital for some time, I felt like washing my face and applying some moiturizer would be a big, long fight, and if a think back, it just made my condition worse, I mean mentally - suddenly I felt like I was very sick. So I decided that next time I will go in there for something, I will keep my routine and try to look normal :)

So tumbs up for You!

Bangs and Blogs said...

Great suggestions. Keep up the great work.

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) said...

Joy you are awesome, such high spirits all the time! Good for you for keeping up a routine. I've seen you pregnant and non-pregnant - you ALWAYS have a glow about you!

That nanoblur stuff sounds interesting...and darn I KNEW there was something I should've looked into while in the US - UD Naked Palette! Cheaper here too :( Oh well, it wasn't meant to be!

Make-up Junkie said...

@bagaela - thank you! it's the little things that can make a huge difference :)

Make-up Junkie said...

@Bangs and Blogs - Thank you!

Make-up Junkie said...

@Elaine - Thanks lovely! You're too kind ;) You should test out the Nanoblur - good stuff! And aww about the UD palette but I saw that you got a neutral one from NYX! I'm going to read your post - it's so much cheaper too! But i still love the UD one!

Lady said...

I think putting on makeup and looking extra cute is a great idea! Who cares if no one else gets it : ) I can't wait to get my hands on that UD Naked palette!

Maura :) said...

The Urban Decay naked palette is wonderful! The shades you use the most are the same as mine! Great post :)