Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beauty Review: TIGI Cosmetics

If you've recently ventured into your local Trade Secrets store you've probably come across a display of new cosmetics called TIGI Cosmetics. TIGI is not a new brand. They are famous for their haircair products. I got to try out some of their stuff check out my new discoveries below!

TIGI Creme Foundation
"This silky, blendable formula leaves skin looking smooth and soft"
Suggested Retail Price: $30.00 

I'm not really into cream foundations but I think I will make it an exception this time around. To my surprise TIGI's Creme Foundation felt light and silky on my face and managed to cover up all my flaws, especially my pesky blemishes!  I really liked that it didn't feel heavy or cakey. I was also able to use this without a concealer! TIGI claims that you don't need to use a powder after use but I felt that I needed the powder. It does have a bit of a shine and I like my t-zone to look a little more matte. I would say that the coverage is medium but can be buildable for full coverage. This foundation comes in 4 shades which can be a little tricky to find your exact match.  One might find this annoying as you may end up having to buy two of these in different shades to get a color that most suits your skin tone. I tried on light but I think as summer draws near I may have to grab another one in Medium.  Other than the color matching issue, if you're into flawless medium to full coverage foundation then this is something I would recommend.  

TIGI Perfect Lipliner
"Glides on smooth for a perfectly lined lip. Use smudge tip to blend a softer line"
Suggested Retail Price: $17.00 

If there's on thing that is a must when it comes to lipliners it's the consistency of the pencil. I hate it when I'm lining my lips and I can't seem to fill them in properly because my pencil is too tough and tugging on my lips. TIGI's Perfect Lipliner is a dream! It's so soft and smooth that you get the perfect line everytime! The liner comes with a smudge tip on the other end but I never found the need to use it. I would just smudge with my finger or smudge my lips together. If you're a makeup artist like myself you probably won't find any use for that anyway. As far lasting power goes I would say it did help my lipstick stay on for quite a while. But not any longer than any other lipliner though. I would say that this lip liner is best for those who like easy application.

TIGI Perfect Lip Liner in Kiss

TIGI Decadent Lipstick
"Smooth application that is luxurious and longwearing"
Suggested Retail Price: $19.00 

I'm a lipstick junkie so I know a good lipstick when I see one. But is TIGI Decadent Lipstick one of them? I'd have to say yes and no. Yes because it really is smooth and creamy. It glides on nicely and feels moisturizing on the lips. The pigmentation on this lipstick is pretty good too! One thing I'd like to mention about this lipstick is it's big fat bulky packaging. It's not something you can carry around in a lipstick case. I guess I'm a fan or more sleeker lipstick packaging.  As for longwearing I'd have to say it's not. It didn't last any longer than any of the MAC lipsticks that I own. So if you want a longer lasting lipstick I'd say use a lipliner under this. I think because it is so creamy it can easily smudge off so be careful!

TIGI Decadent Lipstick in Loyalty

TIGI Luxe Lipgloss
"A scrumptious lip experience"
Suggested Retail Price: $19.00 

I know a lot of people aren't fans of sticky lipgloss. I'm sad to say that this is one of them. The color and the finish look amazing on but I can't help but feel the tackiness on my lips when I'm talking or pressing my lips together. So if you're just into the look of the lipsgloss your lips you might like this. Oh and it smells really yummy too, kinda like a sweet vanilla.

TIGI Luxe Lipgloss in Superstar

Now let's talking packaging. This is yet another one of their lip products with big bulky packaging! Don't let this gloss fool you, you don't get as much product in it as it seems! While the color and finish is beautiful I think I could manage to find another lipgloss where I could get more bang for my buck!

Such big packaging with so little product!

Have you tried any TIGI Cosmetics? What do you think of them? Makeup Junkie would like to know!

TIGI Cosmetics are sold only in professional salons
Also available at Trade Secrets in Canada


Anonymous said...

never tried them , they look nice

ZaraManaraski said...

Been really interested as I have always been a fan of the Tigi haircare.