Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Au Revoir Toronto! Bonjour Paris!

Jet-setting to Paris tonight to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary! This has been a dream of mine and I finally get to la vie en Paris! 

If you notice there are no new updates on Makeup Junkie for a couple of weeks it's because I'll probably be spending my time gorging on stinky cheese, baguettes, croissants and Laduree macarons! I'm going to try and post a few quick features on Parisian beauty and what I'm wearing but forgive me if I don't get around to it! I will for sure update you on Parisian beauty and fashion when I get back! But my inspiration is definitely effortless and all about lips!

Au revoir for now! 

Makeup Junkie


Monica of said...

Enjoy Darling!! Your going to love it:)) Yes, lots of beauty products to choose, mainly skincare!

justa9url said...

Amazing! It's a dream of mine to go to Paris and enjoy some Laduree macarons. =) Hope you have an amazing time! P.S. If you're into skincare or Lisa Eldridge, she has a great video on where to buy skin care. ;)

Make-up Junkie said...

@Monica - Thank you!!! I will have to check out the great skincare here then!

Make-up Junkie said...

@justa9url - Thanks for the tip! I will check out her YouTube!! You will love Paris - only been here a day so far and LOVE it already!

CrystalCandy said...

Enjoy your trip! :)

Sadako said...

Wow, I've always been curious about Paris. What did you like most about the city?
Happy anniversary to you! :D