Wednesday, May 30, 2012

YSL 30 Day Skin Care Challenge Week 1: Forever Youth Liberator

Bob Dylan sang it best, "Forever young, forever young, may you stay forever young." For centuries, this has been an on-going quest; to look young forever. Unfortunately, "forever" in a physical sense doesn't exist but we can sure try and make it last thanks to the super geniuses in beauty!

For the first time ever, this Makeup Junkie (along with other beauty bloggers) is committing to YSL's 30 day skin care challenge. I'm putting their Forever Youth Liberation skin care line to the test. It's designed for us 30-somethings and up. Here's the low-down on why this could change the future of your skin care regime!

Forever Youth Liberator is based on Glycobiology. Glyco-wha? Glycobiology is a revolutionary science that studies the role of glycans in skin regeneration (which YSL is an exclusive beneficiary). Glycans are naturally present in our body that are found commonly on the surface of cells. They are like little communicators between cells making sure our skin keeps regenerating its youth! As we age, these glycans diminish (insert sad face).  

Glycanactif is a patented complex of 3 glycans that will unlock that youthful skin we all have (under the layers of dull, wrinkly skin). This is the active ingredient present in the Forever Youth Liberator range. 

Forever Youth Liberator Serum: The star product of the range! It contains the highest levels of Glycanactif. Gives the skin instant radiance, hydration and wrinkle reduction (within 1 month).

Forever Youth Liberator Eye Creme: De-puffs, illuminates, gets rid of wrinkles, and brightens dark circles. 

Forever Youth Liberator SPF 15 Creme: Protects the skin from sun exposure, adds radiance, and gets rid of wrinkles. Suitable for Normal to Dry skin.

Ok, brace yourself. For the love of blogging, I am posting photos of my face - NAKED!! If you stop reading my blog because of this I understand. You will have to see naked face photos for 1 month! Ahh!

This is me pre-YSL-Forever-Youth-Liberator. No, I'm not "smizing". I'm trying to manage a smile, but it pains me (why didn't I wear my hair down?). I've been having a case of adult acne so please forgive me. And please don't knock my brows - I'm trying to grow them in! 

That's a little better. I'm still not thrilled to have no makeup on, but at least my hair is down! This is after 1 week. I've been applying the serum first day and night, eye cream at night, and day cream during the day. It's hard to get the same lighting and to really notice a difference after 1 week, but I really love how the products feel on my skin. The serum is nice and light and when paired with the day cream really gives my skin a luminous finish. My skin feels so soft! I have noticed my skin has a smoother texture especially near my nose just under my eyes and my blemishes seem less prominent! 

As for the eye cream, I have high hopes for it because it claims after a month my dark circles will be less noticeable (don't all eye creams claim that?). As you can tell, there's really no change in my dark circles. But I do love how it feels around my eyes. It does illuminate the area and makes it look glowy. 

Well, that rounds up Week 1! Stay tuned next week to see more of my naked face hopefully looking twice as youthful! 

Products were sent for editorial consideration and so far loving them!


Anonymous said...

i hope that one day I can be like you and post a pic of my bare face!
(or rather any face... lol)

side note, i like your necklace~ so dainty~

Make-up Junkie said...

@Rasilla - LOL You should - u have a beautiful face ;) And thanks! It's a stamped heart necklace from Etsy! I wear it everyday. :)

Natasha V said...

You are much braver than I am. Keep us up to date!

Ella Pretty Blog said...

Seems like a fun challenge - will love seeing your updates! Seeing the changes on Bloggers' skin will be much more convincing than impersonal clinical trials.

Donna Marie said...

Joy you're so funny! Can't wait to see your progress!

Make-up Junkie said...

@Natasha - LOL I have to repeat to myself "for the love of blogging, for the love of blogging!" Thank you I will!

Make-up Junkie said...

@Ella Pretty - Thank you! Yah, I agree too. I'm really anxious to see if my skin will have any dramatic changes!

Make-up Junkie said...

@Donna Marie - haha Thanks lady! I try :)