Thursday, February 22, 2007

Beauty News: I Love MAC's Back-to-MAC Recycling Program!

While away on maternity leave I was told by my co-workers that the recycling program had changed late last year! Most of you MAC addicts may already know but some of you may not. I was delighted to hear that if you bring back any 6 containers to a MAC Store (not counter) you have a choice of receiving a lipstick, Lipglass or Lustreglass, or any eyeshadow! How amazing is that??

Since employees are not entitled to the recycling program, I gathered up all my empties today (24 in total - I actually had over a 100 recyclables but brought them in on different occasions) and took my friend from yesterday with me to the MAC store today and let her pick out some free products for herself. She was ecstatic as you can imagine. She chose Surreal (bluish green with gold shimmer) and Vex (pale green duochrome with pink opalescent shimmer) eyeshadows. Surreal is a great spring/summer colour and looks beautiful against bronzed skin. Vex is one of my all time favourite bases. It just seems to go with everything. She also decided to go with a Lustreglass in Beaux (warm beige brown), a great neutral. Well, she decided that she didn't need anymore (how could you not need more??) make-up and let me choose the last product for myself even though I'm not supposed to (shhh!). I decided to go with a Lipglass in Underage (pale pink). I had been wanting a pale pink gloss for my kit (and for myself!) and Underage was the perfect choice. As seen in the Spring 2007 Fashion Week, pale pink is the new nude! If you're looking for a gloss to go with your smokey eye, Underage is just the right gloss.

So, all you MAC addicts don't forget to recycle all your containers (glass and plastic) and get some free make-up in exchange! I think all make-up companies should adopt this program, don't you? The MAC site hasn't been updated with the new information, but if you need more info visit a MAC store closest to you.


Arnie said...

Interesting site. Just wondering ... why would you do a site to help people to become beautiful, and have a photo of the ugliest thing ... a woman smoking?

Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

Thanks and I appreciate all feedback (positive or negative). This shot was taken during a fashion shoot and although I have it on my site I am NOT endorsing smoking in any way. It was more symbolic of a beautiful woman with a vice or addiction hence my site name Make-up Junkie. It was an artistic shot and that's what I love about art because it can be viewed in many different ways.

Ang :) said...

I didn't know the recyling program changed - that rocks! Thx for the info.

Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

Hey Ang!

Anytime! That's what I'm here for!

April said...

Hey I was wondering if Mac allows you to return the ones I have re-potted into pro palettes or if all of the container is to be intact and un tampered with??