Friday, July 13, 2007

Beauty Icon of the Month: Dita You Teese!

Last month I neglected to feature a Beauty Icon due to a tres busy schedule. This month I promise not to disappoint! Dita Von Teese, born Heather Sweet, is a throwback to 1940's/50's Hollywood glamour, one of my favourite eras. She has reinvented the pin-up girl and is the international Burlesque queen of the world. Not since Betty Page has anyone created such intrigue and allure around the mysterious and sexy world of burlesque.

Dita is a buxom beauty, who's porcelain skin, bold red lips, dark finger waved hair, and retro fashion style has made her a favourite of designers, photographers, and cosmetic companies. This year she became one of the new faces of MAC's Viva Glam IV campaign, a perfect choice for the trend-setting company. Not only has she traveled around the world, titillating fans with her peep-shows, but she is coming out with her first ever book "Burlesque/Fetish and The Art of the Teese". She also has her own collection of Full-Fashioned Seamed Stockings with Secrets In Lace. Whether she is fully clothed or half-naked swishing around in an over-sized martini glass, Dita Von Teese never forgets to carry herself with style and grace. Now that's a true lady!

Visit Dita Von Teese for more information.


Anonymous said...

Ok - that first picture has to be photoshoped. How tiny is her waist here? 15 inches??

Fabulously Broke in the City said...

She's one of my style icons

And to the poster above: I bet that corset was pulled SO TIGHT it probably hurt to breathe and probably hurt her internal organs/damaged them. Women's waists DID get that tight you know, but only with some serious tugging at the back.. she's also quite tiny to begin with, and when she sits down, her thighs get a bit larger, which in contrast, makes her waist look tinier.

stephee said...

actually its not photoshopped... dita's waist is 16.5 inches when her corset is laced

Anonymous said...

Was wondering where could I find the black corset?