Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Makeup Obsession: Cargo blu_ray Collection

With the zillions of beauty products out there, I still manage to get obsessed over products. Some obsessions are fleeting but others quickly become staples in my makeup stash. Back in January when Cargo's blu_ray collection launched, I was intrigued but very skeptical. You can read about it here. Then in February at a Sephora grand opening I got to play around with it but only on my hand. The powder looked chalky, the blush didn't show, and the gloss quad seemed like any other gloss. I concluded that it was just a lot of hype.

It is rare that I'll gush about a product after I've already written it off. Well now I'm obsessed with the entire blu_ray collection! I've been using it on myself, on Ali for ChickChat TV, and on a few brides and the results are flawless. The hi-def collection is designed to make you look flawless in any light, from your office to the bright summer light. The line was created for makeup artists working in television and film where every flaw is magnified and heavy coverage would be too noticeable. Blu_ray gives you natural, flawless coverage for everyday wear using Photochromatic pigments (automatically colour corrects makeup to be consistent in any lighting) and optical blurring (fills in lines and wrinkles, reflects light to camouflage imperfections without glitter or shine).

Cargo blu_ray High Definition Mattifier ($24 USD): This has become my makeup primer of choice. This oil-free mattifier refines pores, minimizes fine lines, and mattifies the skin! Sometimes this is all I need (besides my under eye concealer) when I leave the house. My skin looks so flawless and feels so smooth after I apply it. The texture feels like silicone so the makeup just glides on. I've tried many primers that claim to mattify the skin but this is the only one that truly does. My Smashbox Photo Finish Primer is pretty good but I do find at the end of the day my nose ends up shiny. Cargo's HD mattifier keeps my skin shine-free and my makeup on all day. You can also use this in place of a translucent setting powder - just apply over your makeup for a shine-free finish! Less products to use at home and on set!

Cargo blu_ray Pressed Powder ($30 USD): When I introduce this powder to clients I jokingly brag about how it's HD. They "ooohhh" and "awww" and laugh it off but when they see the results they really "ohhh" and "awww". The first time I had tried it, I patted the powder onto my hand with my finger. The neutral beige powder looked chalky on my skin tone and I decided it wasn't worth all the hype. Now that I've had the chance to really work with it using my lovely brushes, the results are just gorgeous. Every time I wear it, my skin looks like it's been photoshopped! The skin looks soft and youthful thanks to the optical blurring and the Photochromatic pigments make you look flawless when photographed in natural light or flash. It also colour corrects redness without applying heavy correctors. If you want a radiant, natural finish without shine or shimmer this powder is it!

Cargo blu_ray Blush/Highlighter and HD Blush in Peach ($28 USD): The original universally flattering pinky-peach shade is a blush and highlighter in one. The velvelty formula is oil-free and contains the same properties as the pressed powder giving you the same flawless, radiant effect. I love using this shade on brides because it gives the "blushing bride" effect.

Beauty scoop: Launching this September a new shade in Peach will join the original!
This soft peach shade warms up the skin giving you a healthy glow. I especially love layering this over top of bronzer (good tip for darker skin tones). Both shades are neutral and work with any look. These two shades are all that I've been wearing lately! But I won't be giving up my other blushes just yet ;)

Cargo blu_ray Lip Gloss ($29 USD): Sometimes a gloss is a gloss and that's exactly what I thought about Cargo's HD version when it first launched. I never really gave it a fair chance since I didn't dare try it on my lips at the Sephora store. Now that I've been able to wear it on my lips and have others try it, I do see the difference compared to other glosses. Transparent pearl pigments provide an even colour payoff at any angle (just turn your head from side-to-side) and hyaluronic acid spheres and a peptide chain plump lips and smooth out lines. The quad includes a sheer plum, sheer peachy-pink, sheer rose, sheer golden beige and each can be worn on their own or mixed together for a custom colour. The texture feels like a lip balm and has a subtle minty flavour. The shades are pretty sheer so they look very natural and wearable for everyday but if you'll be taking photos or going out in the evening I'd use a lip liner to bump up the colour. I like to use the lighter shades over top of the darker ones to give the lips a nice highlight. Your lips will look great any time especially in photos or on camera. I hope they come out with another quad with some reds or bright pinks!

Beauty Scoop: Cargo blu_ray Concealer ($28 USD): This won't hit the market until this September but I got the inside scoop on this fabulous product! Water-proof, water-resistant, and wrinkle fighting, this concealer does it all! This pen style with sponge-tip applicator contains light -diffusing pigments that provide flawless coverage while looking completely natural. If you're looking for less expensive and painful alternative to Botox, this HD concealer contains Visilox which studies show is an excellent alternative. It brightens, lightens, and tightens! I'm still unsure if more shades will be launched because I find it's a little too light for the rest of my face. It's perfect for my under eye area though. For hard to cover areas, use your finger to build coverage by pressing and patting the product.

Beauty Scoop: Cargo blu_ray Polishing Cloths ($15 USD): We all know if your skin isn't up to par, your makeup just won't look right. These cloths are the ultimate skin primer, made of nano-scale fibers (thinner than human hair), exfoliate the skin's surface for gorgeous, glowing skin. Use these cloths 1-2 times a week with your favourite cleaner, scrubbing each section in a circular motion. You can literally see dirt, dry skin, black heads, and white heads slough off your face onto the cloth! It's gentle enough for sensitive skin. The bonus - these cloths are reusable! Be on the lookout come September when these cloths launch!

What's your latest beauty obsession? Have you tried Cargo's blu_ray collection? Love it? Hate it? Happy shopping!



denise said...

I'm intrigued by the mattifier. I experience the same problem with Smashbox primer: shiny nose...I am going to check it out!

kae said...

wow you really make me want to try the blu_ray line again. i skipped it when i first saw it because like you, i just swatched the powder on my hand and decided it was too chalky and light. how do you think it would work for an nc40 skintone?

Janine Falcon said...

You know, I was puzzled by this collection as well. Now that I've read your take, I'll have to give it another go, work with it a bit more. If I fall in love with it like you have, I'm SO crediting you!

Make-up Junkie said...

Hey Denise!
You will love the primer - I'll use it on you this Sunday so you can see if it works for you. :)

Make-up Junkie said...

Hi Kae!

I forgot to mention in my post that I used it on very fair to medium-dark skin and it worked for everyone. I'm about an NC40 in the summer and it works great for me. I'd recommend asking an artist at Sephora to clean it off and apply it on you with a brush. :) Let me know if you try it out!

Make-up Junkie said...

Hey Janine!
I didn't really know its potential until I was really able to work with it using my brushes. Check it out and if you do fall in love I'd be honoured if you credited me! :)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely fell in love with this collection when it first launched. The primer is out of this world amazing. I'm so happy to see that they are expanding on this line.