Monday, July 14, 2008

Makeup Junkie Loose Lips New York Give Away!

Makeup Junkie loves doing give aways! Loose Lips NY is teaming up with Makeup Junkie for a fantastic give away. If you're not familiar with Loose Lips NY, check out my reviews on some of my favourites from the brand including Indelible Creme Eye Shadow, Indelible Gel Eye Liner in Black Cherry, Hint of Mint Lip Gloss in Mint Cherry, and Mid Size Eye Shadow in Gold Digger.

Give Away Details:
Visit Loose Lips NY and check out all the selection. Come back and tell us 2 products you would
love to purchase by leaving a comment in the comment box with your name (doesn't have to be your full or real name) and email address. The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate! The contest starts today and ends July 15th at 5 pm. The winner will be randomly chosen and announced July 16th at 12 pm.

Good luck to everyone!!

For more information visit


Dyana said...

Wow! this makeup looks like so much fun! I absolutely LOVE the Gel Eye Liner in Black Cherry, the red flecks really make it stand out, and I would love to try the Lip Plumping Gloss in Craze!

Dyana A.

Georgia said...

Oooh, my personal favourites are the gel eye liner in Endangered and the eye renewal cream.
-Georgia (

Anonymous said...

I would love to try the Indelible Creme Eye Shadow in Apricot Frost andEye Shadow Trio in Bambi when I get a chance! - Amy (

Mae said...

I would love the Indelible Gel Eyeliner in endangered or tidal wave. I have been looking for these colours for eyeliners and haven't had luck finding them until now.

I would also love to get the Kabuki Brush in pink. It is a lot more reasonably priced than other brands I have been looking at and so cute.
Mae (

kani said...

It was so hard to narrow it down to two, but I think the Ultimate Eye Shimmer in Tantalizing and Midsize Eye Shadow in Stargazer would definitely deserve a space in my makeup bag. =]

- Kani {}

Kandice said...

I'm very interested in trying the Indelible Gel Eyeliner in Black Cherry and the Powder Blush in Cameo.

My email is

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Daisy said...

I would love to try the Color Lines blush in Rose... it looks so pretty! Next.. it's a tough choice but the Indelible Creme Eyeshadow in Bronze Frost would be fun to try out - I love bronze shadow and blue eyes! Daisy (dizzydaisy2000 at

Laddie said...

Wow, so many nice products to choose from! I'm definitely getting the Indelible Gel Eyeliner in magnetism, Indelible Lash Mascara and concealer in medium.

Arianne said...

My goodness, do I really have to pick two?

I'll have to pick up a pink kabuki brush (soo girly I just have to have it!), and an Indelible Eyeliner in "Endangered" because I love love coloured eyeliner.

My e-mail is (at) gmail (dot) com. Sorry I had to write it like that... because I hate bots that send out spam.

Thanks Joy!

mina said...

The Intense Lipstick in 'Intense Mauve' really caught my eye, I've been looking for a gorgeous mauve to go with the golds for this fall! After that, I'd love to try out the Midsize Eye Shadow in 'slither.' There's something about olive that I love, and I've never been able to find very much of it.

And my e-mail by.the.heartstrings (at) gmail (dot) com. I'm going to have to agree with arianne - spam just isn't my thing. Thanks!

Rae said...

Cute contest idea ^^

I love the look of the Indelible Gel Eyeliner in Endangered, and I'd also love to try the Hint of Mint lip gloss - Mint Cherry looks just divine!! Everything else looks incredibly fab too...

my.make.belive (at) gmail (dot) com (I know, I don't spell believe the way it should be. It's just always looked so awkward to me, so I spelt it the way I like it, lol!)

Michelle Y. said...

its so kind of you to create this give away contest^^

if i really had to choose..
i would pick the "Color Lines" for cheeks..cuz this is so versatile! it can be used as a blush..or as a eyeshadow n there's so many combination of looks u can do with these! next would be the "Hint of Mint lip gloss"..cuz i think mint flavour lip gloss are rare n i love the refreshing feeling that it def a must have!!!!


anne said...

I would love to try Ultimate Volume Mascara with Lash-Extending Fibers and Perfect Finish Setting Spray.

amindoro at hotmail dot com

Bunny B said...

I'm all about my eyes! So, I'd love to purchase the Indelible Gel Eyeliner in Magnetism or Endangered, and the Eye Renewal Cream! Thank you for the chance!
bunnybox9 at gmail . com

Bill & Patti Stuart said...

I would love to try the Indelible Gel Eye Liner in Chocolate Mousse and the Ultimate Volume Mascara in black! Thanks!

Patti (

Safoonos said...
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Karin said...

I'd love to try the eyeshadow quad and a glitter pencil.

Thanks for the contest!

Elena said...


That looks like a good brand. Is it new? It's my first time seeing it. :) The lipstick in "Betrayal" caught my eye. Also, the kabuki brush, because I've been on a mission to find a good one.

- Elena (

kae said...

i'd love the honey & almond scrub and the lip plumping gloss in fairy tale. looks like a pretty pink color!

thanks for the contest!

Kat Charcos said...

Oh wow, i want to try a lot of things!

But i would go with Indelible Lash Mascara and an Eyeshadow Trio in Nature!

Thanks for the contest!
*i'm gonna pray really really hard that i win*

Kat Charcos

smssavvy said...

Where to begin? A "must have" vitamin enriched Lip Gel & we shouldn't be with out our Mineral Bronzer. Gorgeous!

Nessa said...

OH WOW!!!! so much good stuff. I felt like a kid in a candy store..... O what to pick.... what to pick...hhmmm... This seems like its going to be just as hard as picking my university courses..... So many and I could only pick 5Anyways I wish I could buy everything but can't (broke university student). So if I would have to pick two I would pick the indelible cream shadow in bronze frost and the lumishine lip gloss in dream girl.... give myself a nice nude eye and glossy lip.

Nessa said...

opps..... I was so excited I forgot to leave my email address

Megan said...

I'm such a lip gloss addict... my purse is already overfull, but I can never resist new ones! I would love to try the Lumi-Shine Gloss in Fetish and/or Equinox, or the Hint of Mint gloss in Mint Blackraspberry. I love the range of darkish browns/purples, which can be so hard to find in some lines!

Thanks for a great contest!


Tiff said...

OOOOOOOoooooo..... Two is not enough!!!
Well that pink kabuki is too much! I love it.
...and lip pumping gloss in oxygen. I am in love with lipgloss and need at least three on me at all times.
Good luck everyone. Great promotion!


Laine said...

i remember i made a comment. i wonder where it's at. anyways, again i wanna try the trio eyeshadow and the mineral loose powder :)

Kam said...

Hi Joy!

Love your blog:)

Here are the two products I would purchase from Loose Lips (it was hard just choosing 2!)

-Color Lines for cheeks
-Lumi shine lipcolour in Maiden


Frond said...

Wow.. so many products to choose from...

I'd love to have Indelible Creme Eye Shadow in Nude Frost as well as the Mineral Bronzer in Terra Glow.

Heard so much about both these products but just haven't gotten around actually trying them. Sigh...