Friday, October 31, 2008

Beauty Feature: Mascaras Battle It Out Round 4!

It's hard to restrain a makeup junkie when there are new products coming out everyday! The good thing is that the beauty industry always keeps you on your toes. And the bad? Well, it can be a little overwhelming sometimes! Round 4 is all about "tubular" lashes! Are you ready to put those gloves on? Gloves on your lashes that is!

My Lashes: stick straight, lacking volume and length
Mission: To find a volumizing, lengthening, smudge-free, non-clumping mascara.
Round 4: Tube mascaras that coat your lashes like gloves, creating voluminous, sky-high, smear-proof lashes!

Mascara: Too Faced Lash Injection Pin Point
Rating: 7 winks
Price: $19.50 USD
Special Feature: 3D polymers build waterproof tubes around each lash with a thin brush to get every lash creating voluminous, extremely defined, long lashes.

Smudge-factor: none
Clump-factor: none
Lengthening: yes
Volume: after 2 coats
Curl: moderate
Wand: Thin brush
For: Gals who have short lashes and need length as well as separation and definition.
Overall: I really like the thin brush. It gets to every lash without making a mess on my lids. The formula seems a lot richer than the original Lash Injection. You get great definition and length but not a lot of volume or lift. It took 3 coats to make my lashes really stand out. The formula is supposed to be the same as the original but I found this one did not flake or smudge. When you have a few coats on, it takes a little while to remove with warm water but it does come off really well leaving no residue behind.
Beauty Stash Worthy: I love the brush but I could either way. I prefer a mascara that can also give me lift and lots of volume.

Mascara: Kiss Me Mascara
Rating: 8 winks
Price: $29.95 CAD
Special Feature: Water-resistant tubes that wrap around each lash for natural volume and length.

Smudge-factor: none
Clump-factor: none
Lengthening: yes
Volume: natural
Curl: yes
Wand: Medium bristle
For: Gals who like a natural look to their lashes and those that need more length than volume.
Overall: Kiss Me Mascara is the pioneer of tube mascara technology and definitely deserves kudos for being innovative. This mascara is popular among many Hollywood starlets. The mascara promises to give you natural volume and length and delivers exactly that. It doesn't make you believe you'll have the same effect as faux lashes. However, since I like my lashes on the more dramatic side this wouldn't be my first choice of mascara. The upside is that Kiss Me Mascara carries Ultra Volume Mascara for gals who want extreme volume. If you do want more volume, keep applying more coats while the formula is still moist. The rule of thumb has always been to wait until the first coat dries. When you are happy with the look let it set for 1 minute without touching. I found the brush to apply a little messy which is a surprise since the brush isn't big. All in all, it gives great length and separation.
Beauty Stash Worthy: Since cheaper versions have come out that deliver both volume and length, I probably wouldn't go out and buy another one once I'm finished. But if I have the chance to try the Ultra Volume Mascara I might!

Mascara: L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Technology Mascara
Rating: 9.5 winks
Price: $14.95 CAD
Special Feature: 2-in-1 mascara with nourishing base coat and tube technology mascara to give your lashes salon-like extensions that wash off with warm water. Won't be available in Canada until January 2009!

Smudge-factor: none
Clump-factor: a little
Lengthening: yes
Volume: yes!
Curl: yes
Wand: medium bristles - still able to get at hard-to-reach lashes
For: Gals who's lashes need extra nourishing and volume. Also for those that have sensitive eyes and don't want to use eye makeup remover.
Overall: Before CoverGirl LashBlast mascara came along, I was faithfully committed to L'Oreal Voluminous Water-proof mascara. Well, L'Oreal has won me back! I LOVE this mascara! It is amazing for its value. It may be a pricer drugstore mascara but it's still on the cheaper end of most high end brands. You get a 2 in 1: nourished, voluminous lashes. No smearing or flaking either. I applied a few coats and did notice a little clumping but it was easily combed out with a lash comb. I am able to get faux lashes like Lancome's Oscillation mascara, without nearly as many clumps. When I went to the launching of the mascara during L'Oreal Toronto Fashion Week, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! Eddie Maleterre, Official Makeup Artist for L’Oreal Paris in Canada and L’Oreal Fashion week’s Artistic Director, did a demonstration using Double Extend Beauty Tubes. Nothing difficult but it's always cool to see how another makeup artist applies mascara. I love the fact that I no longer have to use a water-proof eye makeup remover (saves me money)! It comes off so easily with gentle pressure and warm water!
Beauty Stash Worthy: Absolutely!

Pictures from the L'Oreal NRG Breakfast launch of L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara:
Have you tried any of these mascaras? Love them? Hate them?

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sullygulliver said...

I've been dying to try the L'oreal mascara in your review. I've been a fan of Kiss Me for years, but $26 for mascara just ain't where it's at right now (at least for me). I'm glad to hear you like the L'oreal tubes; based on your review, I'll be trying it myself. :P

Chez said...

I have had the L'Oreal tube mascara for about a week and LOVE IT. I used to love Miranesse tubes mascara, but can't get it anymore and this one is priced right. I'm still toying with how long to let the primer dry before applying the black, but that's just experimenting for me to see what gets it on efficiently and with the best look.
I'd recommend it to anyone.

Anonymous said...

This product does exactly what it says it will. The white primer adds volume to your lashes, and then the black mascara turns them the right color.

My only complaint would be that it's hard to remove. The literature that comes with it says that it comes off with warm water, but that has not been my experience. Even with soap AND water, some rubbing seems to be required.

Overall, though, the effect is so great that the effort of removal is worth it.